What Is Ford's Co-Pilot 360?

Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a suite of technology that Ford has developed (and is continuing to improve on) for our vehicles. Each vehicle has different options available. For example, you can get Blind Spot Monitoring on all Fords except the Fiesta, while the Ford Edge is the only Ford with Evasive Steering Control.

But what are all these different technologies? I made a list with a quick sentence describing each for you.
Technology Name
Easy Description
Blind Spot Information System
checks your blind spot when you merge
Trailer Coverage
checks your blind spot when you have a trailer
Cross Traffic Alert
checks left and right when you back up
Lane-Keeping System
keeps you in your lane if you drift over the line
Pre-Collision Assist
scans and alerts you to danger in the road
Automatic Emergency Braking
brakes for you at the last second
Adaptive Cruise Control
change your speed based on the car in front
Stop and Go Cruise Control
come to a complete stop, then resume
Evasive Steering Control alerts then assists in swerving around a danger
Reverse Brake Assist
beeps and brakes if you get too close to a danger
Rear View Camera
backwards-facing camera for reversing
Active Park Assist
self parking, you operate the gas and brake
Auto High Beams
auto on/off high beams for darkness/light
Pro Trailer Backup Assist
easier reversing with a trailer
Hill Descent Controlhelps maintain speed down very steep hills