Get Your Car Into The Quick Lane
Ford owners have it easy. They can drop their car off with our trusted Ford Service Team and they’ll be back on the road in no time — but what if you don’t have a Ford yet?

The Quick Lane at Wayne Pitman Ford Lincoln will come to the rescue!

We offer an extensive range of services, performed by Ford-trained experts, for all makes and models of cars and trucks. We offer quality auto service while you wait, including evenings and weekends — and no appointment is necessary!

Quick Lane Services

Vehicle Check-Up

Our experienced technicians will inspect your car from top to bottom and provide you with a full service report. Whether you’re a car junkie or car newbie, we can help you understand your maintenance needs.


From purchasing to rotating to aligning, we are here to make sure your tires stay in tip top shape for your next summer destination.

Oil Change

Timely oil changes are critical for helping to ensure a long and problem-free life for your engine. Quick Lane uses high-quality oil and the proper factory recommended filters to help extend the life of your vehicle.

Brake Service

We’ve all heard that *squeeeal* at some point in our lives, whether it was our car or the car next to us. That horrible noise is telling you that you’ve almost worn through your brake pads, so come visit us for regular brake maintenance and we’ll make sure you never hear that noise again.


The last thing you want on your trip to the cottage is a dead battery. We can do a battery test to make sure your battery is charging properly and that it’s not discharging improperly. If you do need a replacement, we can match the right battery to your vehicle.

Wiper Blades

You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it. If you already notice streaks on your windshield, then it’s likely time for a new set of wipers. Come see us for top quality wipers and a quick install.

Lamps & Bulbs

Burnt out headlights and taillights not only hinder your safety, they can garner you a quick traffic ticket. We have a huge variety of new bulbs on hand and will get you back on the road in no time.


Electrical issues can be difficult to diagnose and repair, but our auto experts understand the intricate system of wires, relays, and fuses inside your vehicle — and we’ll make sure everything is running smoothly.

Suspension & Steering

From bumpy roads to smooth highways, your vehicle’s suspension and steering keep you in control of your car. Don’t load up your trunk for your summer getaway before ensuring that your suspension system is functioning properly.

Cooling system

While you might be able to jump in a lake to cool down, your car can’t do the same! Weather conditions and regular wear and tear can damage your radiator and cause your car to overheat, which can cause a chain reaction of failures in your engine. Our technicians will inspect your car’s system and make sure it stays cool for the summer.

Summer is the time to be outside enjoying your time with family and friends, not worrying about car trouble. So don’t let your car get in the way of your summer plans — stop in to Quick Lane and keep your car in shape for all your summer adventures.